Ghost In The Graveyard

A fun game to play before bed is ghost in the graveyard because it is best to play in the dark!

You will need:

  • a base ( a tree if outside or a couch if inside)
  • A flashlight
  • lots of hiding spaces

Ones you choose your base you need to choose the ghost. Next you stand by your base and count to 12, 2 times while the ghost runs and hides. When you get to 12 the second time, instead of saying 12 say midnight. When you get to midnight start looking for the ghost. If you find the ghost yell “Ghost in the graveyard” To let the other players tat you found it. After you yell ghost in the graveyard run to the base with the other players. If the ghost tags you then you are the ghost for the next round. If the ghost does not tag you the the ghost has to be the ghost again. It is best in the dark because it is more like a graveyard then. You need 3 or more players for this game.

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