Flower Chains: Braclets

Hey everyone! I recently learned how to make flower chains so I thought it would be fun to share it will all of you! There are 2 kinds of flower chains you can make so here is how to make a flower chain bracelet!

You will need:

  • 7 or 8 of any kind of flower (pick from the bottom so the stem is long. I use white clovers!)
  1. Start with 3 flowers and start braiding them together.
  2. After a few braids, add another flower in and start braiding some more!
  3. Continue step 2 until it is long enough to fit around your wrist!
  4. Tie the end together and you got some new ‘Floral fashions’!


For adding the flowers on try sticking the stems in an already braided part to keep it from moving around too much!

This can be hard because you have to figure out how to braid several different stems together! I couldn’t get all of the flowers on so I decided to not make it into a bracelet but it was still really pretty and to keep it from coming apart (Because it wasn’t tied!), I weaved the ends in with the braided parts! It was really cool!


Put the chains in water so they wont wilt as fast!

Keep watching for the second kind of flower chain! I will try to have it up sometime this week but I am very busy so I am not making any processes!


P.S. Flower chains can be great Mothers day presents!


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