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Oatmeal dough

If you like play dough, Then you will love oatmeal dough! what you need: 1 cup rolled oats 2/3 cup all purpose flour 1/2 cup water food coloring mix together oats flour and water add a few drops of food … Continue reading

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Who’s The Leader?

For this game you need 4 or more players. First choose someone to be in the middle and have them close there eyes. Next choose someone else to be the leader but don’t tell the person in the middle of … Continue reading

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Daily Jokes 5#, 6#, And 7#

Sorry i missed some days but i was busy so i am going to do those missed jokes today! Joke 5#: Babysitter: Knock knock kid: Who’s there? Babysitter: Little old lady Kid: Little old lady who? Babysitter: I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Introduction To Babysitting Fanatic

Welcome to babysitting fanatic!!!  The best place to find great stuff about babysitting.  I’m Mikaela,  the owner of babysitting fanatic.  I’m so fanatic about babysitting that I even started my own babysitting club!  Get ready to see some awesome tips,  articles,  … Continue reading

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