Babysitting Basics

Hi everyone.  This is an article on the basics of babysitting. First if you are being left alone with the kids, you need to get some instructions from the parents including a list if phone numbers just in case there was an emergency.  Here is a list of phone numbers and instructions you should get.
Phone Numbers:
  1. The child’s doctor
  2. The parents cell phone number
  3. 911 (Okay, you don’t really need to ask for this one.)
  1. What should I feed them?
  2. Do they have any allergies?
  3. What TV channels and shows can they watch?
  4. Can they have a treat like ice cream or a popsicle?
  5. What time do they go to bed?
Next you need to find ways to entertain the kids. One way is to bring a kid kit. A kid kit is a kit full of fun stuff to do. Here is some stuff to put in your kid kit.
Kid Kits:
  1. a deck of cards
  2. 2 or 3 books to choose from
  3. coloring books
  4. a movie
  5. a craft
  6. (this is for your own additional idem)
A kid kit will be a good idea if you are taking care of picky kids so you should try to bring a different craft,  book,  and movie every time.  Also if you want to find a good babysitting book then look for babysitters club books. You can even read them to the kids.
Well that’s all for now.
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  1. kyleen says:

    I think these are great ideas. You will be an excellent babysitter one day!!!

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