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here is a fun game that you can play if you are babysitting for 4 or more kids! Gather players (4 or more recommended) Pick a banker Set a goal of money (aka 4,000) The banker gets a ball and … Continue reading

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Joke Of The Day 3#

Hi everyone! I decide to turn the joke of the week into joke of the day!!! Here is today’s joke!!! babysitter: knock knock kid: who’s there? babysitter: boo kid: boo who? babysitter: why so sad! I hope you like today’s … Continue reading

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Joke Of The Week 2#

I hope you like this weeks joke! Q. What is a mummies favorite kind of music? A. Rap! Get it? Because the mummy is all wrapped ( Rapped )  up!

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Trail Mix

Here is a yummy trail mix recipe! You will need: chocolate marshmallows M.Ms Rice Crispys Dry Oatmeal Melt Marshmallows and Chocolate in separate bowls Mix chocolate, Marshmallows, M.Ms, Rice Crispy,and dry oatmeal In a large Bowl. Freeze till dry and … Continue reading

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Kidie Sundaes

Hear is a more healthy version of a sundae! You will need: Cereal any kind of yogurt ( vanilla,  strawberry,  etc. ) any kind of fruit ( grapes,  pears,  pineapple,  etc. ) a cup Just put all of the ingredients … Continue reading

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Joke Of The Week #1

I am introducing a new category called ” Joke Of The Week ” ,  So here is this weeks joke!!! Q. What kind of shoes do mice wear? A. Squeakers! I hope the kids like this weeks joke! Check in … Continue reading

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Good Kid Bucks

Before you go to your babysitting job, take small pieces of paper and make them look like money, but instead of writing the value, write “Good Kid Bucks.” Every time the children do something good, such as brush their teeth … Continue reading

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Triple layer Peanut Butter Brownies

Here is a yummy recipe from my friend Rebecca! You will need: 1 pkg. brownie mix 1 cup cold milk 1 pkg. Jello- Vanilla flavor instant pudding 1 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1 1/2 cups Cool Whip  … Continue reading

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Steal The Bacon

Here is a fun game that my friend Gracie sent me! You will need: 1 object ( shoe,  piece of candy,  cup,  etc. ) 6 or more players 1 caller Split the group of players (6 or more recommended) in … Continue reading

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