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Nacho Cheese Recipe

Hi everyone,  Here is the recipe for the best nacho cheese i have ever had! You will need: 4 oz. Velveeta cheese 1/2 cup mild salsa a pot that can go in the microwave take the Velveeta cheese and cut … Continue reading

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Pot Of Gold Hunt

Hi everyone,  a great game that you can set up for the kids for saint Patrick’s day is to set up a pot of gold hunt! You just need to hide a bowl of chocolate coins somewhere in the house … Continue reading

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Lava Cake

Hi everyone,  This is a good and messy recipe that i know you will love! I made it awhile ago and it is AMAZING!!! you will need: Cake mix Any ingredients called for on the back of the cake mix … Continue reading

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Icing Recipe

Here is a great icing recipe that my friend let me use. You will need: 4 cups powdered sugar 3/4 cup of Crisco 1/2 cup water All you need to do is mix all of the ingredients together with a … Continue reading

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Silly Faces

Hi everyone,  Here is a tip for if the kids are fighting with each other. If the kids are fighting then put the kids who are fighting in chairs across from each other and have them make silly faces at … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunt

A good thing to do with the kids is to make a treasure hunt! All you need to do if write some clues down to lead them to the treasure. Write down the clues. Hide the clues and the treasure. … Continue reading

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Balloon Birds Nest

Hi everyone! Have you ever wanted to be able to make a birds nest? Well here is your chance! Here is how you can make a birds nest with a balloon. you will need: Balloon About 30 strands of cut … Continue reading

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