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Clean For Cash

Some people will pay extra money if you clean up,  so if you want extra money then clean up. At the very least, cleaning up will make it more likely that you will get invited back for another job, or … Continue reading

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Apple Sandwich

Here comes another super snack! Here is a recipe I made up called Apple Sandwiches. I have tested this recipe. One apple peanut butter raisins If you want you can use chocolate chips instead of raisins. First cut the apple in half. … Continue reading

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Ants On A Log

Here comes a new super snack just for you! This is an easy recipe that the kids can help make and it is fun to. Here is the recipe for Ants On A Log. a celery stick peanut butter raisins The only things you … Continue reading

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Waffle Pizza

IT’S TIME FOR SUPER SNACKS! Here is a snack you can make for the kids you babysit for. If you don’t have real pizza the you can make Waffle Pizza. It is quick and easy, and everyone can make their … Continue reading

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Duck Duck Goose

How to play Duck Duck Goose First everyone sits in a circle except the duckier. The duckier goes around touching  everyone’s  head saying “duck” every time but when the duckier touches your head and says “goose” then the goosed person … Continue reading

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Babysitting Games: Red Rover

How to play Red Rover First you make 2 rows facing each other. Next one row sings “Red Rover, Red Rover send” then name someone from the other side then say “right over”after you say the name. Next the person … Continue reading

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Babysitting Game: Mother May I?

How to play ‘Mother May I?’ First someone is the mother and everyone else is the children. Mother stands on the  other side of the room from the children. The next step is to have mother give a command. When … Continue reading

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Babysitting Games: Hello Friend

There are lots of great games you can play when you baby sit. Here is one of my favorite.  This game is best if you are babysitting a group of children at church or at some other large event. Hello … Continue reading

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Babysitting Basics

Hi everyone.  This is an article on the basics of babysitting. First if you are being left alone with the kids, you need to get some instructions from the parents including a list if phone numbers just in case there was … Continue reading

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Introduction To Babysitting Fanatic

Welcome to babysitting fanatic!!!  The best place to find great stuff about babysitting.  I’m Mikaela,  the owner of babysitting fanatic.  I’m so fanatic about babysitting that I even started my own babysitting club!  Get ready to see some awesome tips,  articles,  … Continue reading

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